Dun Nosorry: 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Watch your lashes and make them grow

We tell you how to avoid falling and what is the ideal treatment to lengthen, darken and thicker. They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and tabs within that illuminates your look and enhances the beauty of your face. But did you know that they are a fundamental element that also deserves special care to keep them healthy and beautiful? Here we will give you the tips to care for them, and even make them grow longer, thicker and strengthened. First you should know that the tabs are used, along with the eyelids, as a protective barrier for your eyes, stop dust or foreign bodies that could hurt your eye, so it is essential that you have a daily routine of cleansing, notes Dr. Pablo Hidalgo, Surgeon Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Overall, based on daily bath soap and water is enough to keep them clean, but if the makeup and curl, it is essential that every night retire these products to avoid build not only mascara also dust and daily impurities. If you are wondering what kind of product you should use for desmaquillarlas? He recommends not using cleansers that are oil-based elements that tend to clog the root of the lashes and cause his downfall. You can use natural materials like cotton, but be careful not to leave residue thereof. Drop tabs Dr. Hidalgo explains that there are a lot of diseases that can affect the growth of eyelashes and cause partial or total collapse, some local diseases caused by inflammatory or infectious, chemical or physical reactions by the use of irritants. The medical specialist like an ophthalmologist can help detect if your eyelashes fall is abnormal or corresponds to the natural process of growth and loss of eyelashes, which occurs every four months. Myths and Realities 1. Tabs have a growth cycle of four months on average, at their tips cut does not affect this cycle. 2. The short eyelashes, natural or cut, they complete new tabs die and come with the full length of each person. 3. Only if you burn the hair bulb, is the root, the tab stop growing. 4. The mascara provides a layer which serves to darken and thicken eyelashes, allowing visually appear longer while cleaned and remove it causes no damage thereto. 5. The curlers actually hurt the body of the tab and continued use can reach break, so if you use enchinador, apply gently and prohibited the use of needles for rizarlas, this severely damages them. Do not use them or to separate them because all they do is hurt them. 6. Products with mamey oil extracts, like others, offer a cover that moisturizes and gives the feeling of thickening of the tab, there is medical evidence that stimulates their growth. 7. Eyelashes do grow! if you apply the right product. Grow your lashes Latisse is a product that can lengthen your lashes and darken engrosarlas. So far it is the only FDA-approved in the United States and is a liquid based on a compound called Bimatoprost, used in the treatment of glaucoma. These droplets are applied at the base of the lashes and penetrate into the hair follicle of the same generating this triple effect, of course, consistency is essential for it to work. So far, studies have shown that anyone can use it, including those who have allergies or have skin hypersensitivity. However, as with anything, you need to follow the routine cleaning and product application. Latisse you can find it in specialty pharmacy, dermatological and stores like Liverpool and Sanborn's.